There are countless transitions that happen throughout our lives. Often times they’re small, but sometimes they’re big and extraordinarily important. Let’s say you move to another city far away from home, that’s a big transition. If you leave the job you started your career at, that’s a big transition!

Transitions can have a positive or negative impact on our lives depending on how we adapt to the transition. Sometimes transitions happen when we least expect it. If a family member passes away it will be a transition getting used to life without them. If you a lose your job it is a transition to find a new job and a new flow of life. What we do with these situations that we’re handed matters. It can be the difference between flourishing through the transition or limping through to the next season of life.

Surprise Transition

Surprise transition is when we are given a situation we did not necessarily ask for and it often happens very quickly. Often times we have a hard time readjusting because we didn’t see this coming. In surprise transition it is imperative that we step back, take a deep breath, and lean on Christ. When we begin to believe the lie that we are all alone or that there is no hope, we have lost. Without that alone time with God, without a deep relationship with Him, without trust in God, we will slowly but surely be burnt out by our situation. That’s why it is so important to lean on Jesus in all facets of life. When we cast our burdens and anxieties on Him and trust Him with our lives, He gives us the strength to finish the race He’s called us to. We may not be able to control what situation we are handed but we can control what our reaction will be.

Planned Transition

Planned transition is a transition that is planned and is something that you have time to prepare for. This one can easily bring anxiety when what you have planned doesn’t go as well as you thought. Planned transition can be just as stressful as surprise transition. Again it comes down to what we do with what we’re given. Something I’ve learned is that you need to leave white space when you plan because God might have something planned that you weren’t expecting.

The benefit of a planned transition is we see it coming before it happens, but we must steward the knowledge of transition in a healthy way. When we see a transition coming, a way we can draw near to God is by fasting and praying. When we do some form of fasting and we spend time in prayer, we align ourselves with God and we grow closer to Him so that we may know Him and His will. Prayer is powerful, it is the first thing we should be doing before we do any sort of planning.

Common Ground

Although these two transitions come to be in different ways, they are still similar. They are still transitions into a new season of life. Our lives are full of seasons, good and bad. What we need to do in every transition is cling to Christ and our identity in who He is. When we are rooted in Him, nothing can shake us. Transitions are inevitable, how will you respond?







Photo by Todd Diemer


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